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by David Saturday, September 26, 2009 4:24 PM

Everyone who hasn’t heard of Twitter raise your hand.

Yea I didn’t think so, if your on the Net (that’s short for Internet), you’ve most likely heard of, read about, looked at, or dear Lord, even use Twitter.

So what is the fascination with this Twitter and Tweeting anyway?  I mean you have celebrities flocking to it like crazy (as if they are normal anyway), telling us all about what they are doing, eating, drinking, thinking, etc.

You got people tweeting about sitting on the deck sipping a drink, laying in bed watching TV, even tweeting that they are in bed and almost asleep! [more]

Then there are the ones that tweet while driving, “Hey, driving down highway 40, traffic sucks, must be an accident”.  Uh yea, some idiot tweeting from his phone ran into a car and now has everything screwed up.

Then there are the Twitter followers, they are like forlorn geek groupies that have to live their lives through someone else because their life sucks so much.  I’ve got folks at work that tweet all day long, INSTEAD OF WORKING.  “Yea, supposed to be working on this project, but decided to take a break and tweet a bit”.  Wow, Thanks for sharing that, NOT.

I mean I guess if I saw worthwhile earth shattering late breaking information I might understand, but sorry, don’t see that.  I see people who just bought a new phone tweeting about their new phone, and other people starting Twitter accounts just so they can tweet cause everything else is tweeting.

Do I have a Twitter account you ask?  I did create one, I wanted to see the big fascination with it.  I made one post, said No Thanks, and that was it.  You want to know what’s even funnier still?  I got like 10 followers!, and I haven’t tweeted anything beyond that first tweet.  (Must have been one hell of a tweet!)

I mean besides people using it for absolute nonsense that I could care less about because I have a life Thank you very much, I have seen some companies use it in a manner that makes sense.  I mean gaming companies, and toy companies and such, use it to talk about new things with the company, or new products, or maybe software hot fixes.  That makes sense to me, that I can understand, but do you really care if Elvis is tweeting (yes there is an Elvis Tweeter, or that Ron Jeremy Porn King has a Twitter feed, or that the kid behind the cash register at the counter of the gas station down the street is tweeting instead of working?

I don’t, I don’t know why others do, I honestly don’t get it.  It’s kind of like blogging, I mean if you have nothing useful to offer, why start a blog. (Heh, this blog offers very useful and sage advice, besides, it keeps me sane and from telling my wife how crazy the world is, so she appreciates it.)

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