Drugs and TV Advertising

by David Thursday, January 20, 2011 3:08 PM

Watching TV this evening, and one of those commercials came on advertising a new drug, you know the ones I’m talking about.  Those commercials for Viagra, Cialis,stuff for asthma, etc.

Well usually I just either fast forward past them (thank GOD for DVR) or get up and get a drink, but this time I listened too it.

I don’t recall the name of the drug, but I believe it was for people with asthma, but as the listed the possible “side effects” of the drug, I almost fell off the couch.

Now I have never had asthma, but I have a couple friends who do, one who get’s asthma attacks that are very severe, so I can understand how bad asthma can be.  But the side effects where everything from possible blindness, to a “severe brain imbalance”, to liver damage, not to mention wetting your pants when you walk by a working microwave.

Just kind of killed me, I mean a drug is supposed to help you, not possibly kill you.  I know all drugs have possible side effects, whenever I get a prescription I always read about the possible side effects, but it just seems lately the drugs they are coming out with, or at least advertising, are getting out of hand.

I think I’d rather live with the illness honestly, the risk my genitals falling off or my brain exploding.

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We are NOT going to die in 2012!

by David Sunday, November 15, 2009 3:46 AM

The movie 2012, suck’s actually.  Action wise it is pretty cool, lot’s of special effects and “I almost died” scene’s, but considering the story, it’s sucked.  I’m not a movie critic though, and this isn’t a critique of the movie.

This is about all the doomsday’s seer's and other nut jobs talking about how the Mayan’s foretold the end of the world in 2012.  The Mayans were an smart people, more advanced then other’s of the time, but they were not aliens and they didn’t know everything.  All this crap I hear about how they knew so much about astronomy, and science and all this about galactic alignment and what not.  POO POO on you!

If the Mayan’s were so damn advanced that they could predict the end of the world 2000 years later, then how come they all died out?  Huh, explain that!

I was watching the Sci-Fi, sorry SyFy, channel last night and they had this “documentary” on about 2012 and the end of the world, and all these “scientists” on talking about how the Mayan’s predicted the end of the world, and what’s going to happen, and galactic alignment, and solar flares, and all this horse manure nonsense stuff.

Does anybody remember several years ago when the doomsayers all came out and said all the planets in the solar system were going to align, and how the earth would be ripped apart.  Yea, that happened, right.

Same thing here folks.  As for solar cycles and solar flares, the sun goes through cycles all the time, solar flares of huge magnitudes erupt all the time, and we don’t die.  Sure it causes some problems with satellites, and makes for one hell-of-a display up north around Alaska and such, but that’s it.

All these so called scientists were saying on this show how the Mayan calendar talks about this 2012 year, sure, a galactic alignment, the Earth, Sun and center of our galaxy will be in a relatively straight line.  Heck, happens once every 25,000 years I think, so that would be something I would mark on calendar.

As for marking the end of the world, how do they know, heck we don’t even know.  And your going to believe a “prediction” from a people that not only disappeared, but also used to cut the hearts out of virgins to appease the God’s.  Nope, don’t think so.

Now if I’m wrong and we all die in 2012, well my sincerest apologies.  I’ll see you in the afterlife.  Hopefully.

Till later, be well and may the farce, I mean force, be with you.

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Pet CPR – You have GOT to be kidding

by David Saturday, September 26, 2009 9:16 AM

I was just randomly flipping through the channels on my DirectTV today (200 channels of pure bliss), and ran across a Pet care show on my local station, Fox 2 News.

Anyway, it was just a general show who’s host was a vet, and he was answering peoples questions.  This one lady sent in a question and asked if she should learn Pet CPR just in case something happened to her beloved pet Snoopy (that wasn’t it’s name, I don’t remember the name).

Anyway, I almost fell off the couch (yes couch, I was vegging).  First, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Pet CPR, actually I’m not sure I could bring myself to give an animal mouth-to-mouth, I mean I’ve had my dog lick me in the mouth before and like YUCK. [more]

ANYWAY, what just floored me was here was this lady, I’d guess maybe her 50’s, that was wanting to know if she should learn Pet CPR because of her dog.  The vet asked if she new “normal” CPR (i.e. people CPR), and she said she did not.  So he suggested that yes, she should learn Pet CPR, that it could come in handy, and wouldn’t hurt to know it!

I mean WOW, if someone was choking or having a heart attack or Lord knows what else, this lady would stand there dumbfounded, unable to do anything, BUT if a dog or cat or gerbil or something were to choke, she could JUMP to the rescue and save the animals life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like pet’s too, dogs in particular, I’ve grown up around them my entire life.  I’m sorry though, they are still animals and dammit, people come first in my mind.  I know that to some, their pet is the only friend or companion they have, and I can certainly understand the emotional bond one feels for their pet, but (wait for it!) folks, IT’S AN ANIMAL, NOT A HUMAN BEING.

I mean if you want to learn Pet CPR, ok, cool, but don’t you think you could maybe take the couple hours extra to learn Real People CPR.  I mean there is a slight difference, and well quite frankly, human beings are a bit more important in the grand scheme of things then pets are.

Sorry pet loving more then people folks, but it just struck me as really really weird.  As for you folks out there that treat your pets as part of the family, like you treat real people, well that will have to be another post.

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